I Do Give a Fig

Let’s give this the alternate caption “Food Under Flash”, shall we? Our first fig of the season, photographed from a top-down position on a white plate. I added the black background in the post-processing stage. With the exceedingly arid and warm weather of the past three months, late-summer fruits like this fist-sized fig and blackberries are maturing much earlier than usual. Photographed freshly picked off the tree on July 21 in the summer with bounce flash. Homegrown goodness!

First Fig

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44 thoughts on “I Do Give a Fig

  1. Looks amazing! love the photo. We had our first fig a couple of says ago (in England) but I didn’t stop to photograph it, we just ate it! my sons called the sharing of the first fig the ‘First Fig Festival’ it was yummy but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for the rest to ripen.

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    • thank you! we had four figs two years ago and none last year (that was the second year). this year, we are going to get at least 30-40! I may have to make fig jam from the looks of things! 😀

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    • thank you, Kimberly! didn’t know that figs looked like that on the inside until I had my first one three years ago. The red seeds remind me of pomegranate seeds!


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