Don’t Call Me Four Eyes!

My first meeting with a Jumping Spider in the sunroom. After seeing various wildlife documentaries and photos of this eight-eyed arachnid, I was surprised to discover just how small this subject actually was–no bigger than three grains of long grain rice placed end-to-end! Photographed on April 4. Jumping Spiders, like most spiders, have eight eyes–one for each leg! See more examples of the WordPress Weekly Photo Closeup Challenge.

Closeup with a Jumping SpiderSpotted on the inside of the sunroom was this very small and non-jumpy Jumping Spider.
f/8, 1/125, 100 mm macro 1:1 lens, ISO 800, no flash



43 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Four Eyes!

    • thank you, Susan. I thought a magnifying lens might have been more appropriate with this tiny creature! this is the smallest jumping spider I’ve encountered in my garden — the others are bigger and less inclined to pose for the lens 😀


  1. I’ve always been spooked by spiders, but have to say… your photo, showing such personality, really made me LOOK at him in a different way. He rather looks like a furry version of the Star Wars character ‘Greedo’, doesn’t he? Greedo in a fur coat, perhaps? 😉

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