A Closeup of Satin Flowers

Satin Flowers really is the alternate name of Pale Yellow-Eyed Grass, and the former label is a lot more charismatic. Photographed at UBC Botanical Gardens on May 24, these flowers grow in a round and blossom in tiers; there are two tiers of flowers above and one tier of flowers below this one.

Closeup with Satin Flowers

They look dreamy, don’t they? Taken under very sunny conditions near the Thunderbird Stadium.
f/6.3, 1/1000, 100 mm macro (1:1) lens, ISO 400, flash

To create a tightly lit subject, I locked the range limiter on my lens to 0.3m, used Manual shooting mode (and set a high shutter speed and a lower-range f-stop), used an external flashgun (which forces the camera to fix the ISO at 400), and manually focused on the purple spots at the center of the middle flower. See more examples of this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Closeup.

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20 thoughts on “A Closeup of Satin Flowers

    • thank you, Eliza! I find fill-in flash to be helpful, especially on very sunny days. blue-eyed grass is so beautiful — didn’t see it in the garden, but I hope I can find and photograph it one day, too!

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