He’s So Fly When He Smiles!

This gallery contains 4 photos. He’s so fly when he smiles! No matter what angle I shoot this Cardinal Meadowhawk from, he’s got a big, “toothy” eye-to-eye grin on his face. Photographed on May 18. 

Cardinal Meadowhawk on the Bamboothe TGITW smile (also how the photographer wants you to smile for the yearbook)
f/11, 1/250, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 400, flash on

Cardinal Meadowhawk on the Bamboothat same 1,000 megawatt smile. looks like he’s ready to order his favourite poison!
f/11, 1/250, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 400, flash on

This has to be the smallest dragonfly I’ve encountered in Metro Vancouver. Cardinal Meadowhawks are smaller dragonflies than Blue-Eyed Darners and Brown Hawkers, but what they lack in size, they (the males, at least) make up for with their striking solid red colour. After eluding me in the backyard for a week, this male Cardinal Meadowhawk (one of two males who showed up today and briefly tussled) finally decided to come back to earth on top of one of the bamboo stakes.

Cardinal Meadowhawk on the BambooI was able to set up a stepladder and the work the camera on this little guy.
f/11, 1/250, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 400, flash on

Little Red didn’t even mind me sticking the macro lens in his face for this closeup. The smaller the dragonfly, apparently the easier it is to get a closeup of one. The bigger ones don’t want to crawl into my macro lens hood, so to speak. 🙂

Cardinal Meadowhawk on the Bamboothose bamboo stakes are a hit with the dragonflies, damselflies, and little dickey birds.
f/11, 1/250, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 400, flash on

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46 thoughts on “He’s So Fly When He Smiles!

    • thank you, Tilly! I’ve been chasing dragonflies all summer. they do like to get nice and warm on top of the bamboo stakes, which is a little more accessible for me than the 40-80 foot Douglas Firs in the backyard! 🙂

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  1. I’m losing my mind. I pulled this up yesterday and then completely forgot to read and comment.

    Dragonflies are so cool and creepy at the same time…kind of like Twilight Zone…LOL! You really brought out its inner and outer beauty though!

    Seriously, your photos make me feel like I’m seeing some things for the first time…all the great details, things I never noticed, or took for granted. It’s awesome and I can’t thank you enough!

    Happy Sunday!


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