Tuxedo Cat

Kitty come lately, indeed. Here’s an unexpected early evening, furry-faced visitor to the backyard. We haven’t had any neighbourhood cats patrolling the area (to the huge relief of the birds) since mid-summer, and today’s photo was my first successful shot of one in months. Kitty poked its head out and made direct eye contact with me from the second floor sunroom. I have seen said cat on occasion, prowling the golf course, but never on our property.

Kitty Come Lately (Tuxedo Cat)Do cats like tomatoes? Well, maybe as cover from the elements.
f/6.3, 1/400, 150-500mm telephoto lens, 500mm, ISO 6400

Despite my meowing, this dapper, tux-wearing feline (I spotted white socks on its feet, to match its white bib) was just too polite to venture out any further than the tomato plants, and detoured into the adjoining neighbour’s backyard (but not before throwing a curious glance over its shoulder in my direction).

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26 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cat

    • all my feline visitors are neighbourhood (non-feral) cats, and they all appear to be well fed and looked after. no coyotes, bear, or deer in the area — we are not near any mountains. 🙂


  1. Oddly, cats and birds are two of my favorite animals…not a good pairing. Most people don’t think their little kitty does much damage to the bird population, but sadly most people are wrong according to all serious research. How I can love two diametrically opposed creatures is one of those strange yin-yang mysteries of life, I guess. 🙂 That is quite a handsome fellow!

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    • His Cuteness had quite the personal space. Wouldn’t have minded getting a closer shot of him.

      Sure! it’s an odd pairing, but one I share with you. The world is full of paradoxes and so are we. 🙂

      Our calico “regular” last year (she hasn’t been a regular visitor this summer, though) received a little bell and collar the last time she visited in mid-spring. We have had two more kitties visiting this summer (the second was an affectionate black and tan who became quite taken with me at first sight, but I was unable to get a photo of that one, and it has only visited twice. The tuxedo cat is the third). I wonder if they smell each other’s scent and are now avoiding our backyard! 🙂

      Kitties do do plenty of damage to the bird population! It’s true. We have seen Miss Calico wait very patiently by the bird feeders for the birds to show up, and even mimic birdcalls (she probably observed me doing it, too)! We switched to elevated and floating bird feeders after that.

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    • sweet!! 🙂 I could carry that calico kitty of “ours” up to the second floor sunroom, deposit her on the sofa, sing her “Soft Kitty”, and she would promptly go to sleep for the next three hours (no kidding, this happened on at least three different occasions!)


  2. What a dapper fellow! (or elegant lady, as the case may be) I’ve had feline visitors to the garden here but not since the weather became hot; they apparantly only come because the west-facing brick patio gets toasty warm on autumn/winter/spring afternoons. So I’m strictly a seasonal resort for them. Wish I could encourage them to stay more often, because this neighborhood has an unfortunate rodent problem that I’d love them to eradicate!

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    • we don’t get many rats, but Eastern Gray squirrels (of gray and black colour mutations) have been in evidence near the bird feeders. the visiting kitties know how to keep them in check!

      our furry visitors have also been absent this summer because of the drought (last year was a different story; our calico “regular”.came virtually every day after her August 19 cameo, and the weather was much more balanced).

      several years ago, we had one neighbour’s cat bring us half-eaten mice (so sweet!) and he would also nap in the blueberry patch when things got too hot in the summertime! he would also chase after (thrown) bocce balls! 🙂

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