Fringed Iris

This flower was actually photographed in the great outdoors! The black background on this Japanese Iris was unintentional (“putting the subject under the spotlight”); I was so focused (no pun intended) on capturing all the parts of the flower that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t reset the aperture from the previous landscape photo.

Crested Irissometimes mistakes can be the paths to new techniques (and new mystiques!)
f/16, 1/500, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 3200 

Other aliases include Fringed Iris, Crested Iris, Iris Japonica, Shaga, or Butterfly Flower. This is a small and delicate looking but hardy Asian native that can grow quite well in North American climes, but it does have its share of nemeses, both meteorological and entomological. For more information on growing this flower, see its Wikipedia profile.



39 thoughts on “Fringed Iris

    • thank you, Cindy! the Canon EOS 6D is quite good even at really high ISOs, even without flash. I was also at the closest minimum distance that my macro lens would allow me to be at … 0.3m … to get the subject to fill the frame (this is pretty much the uncropped image, albeit resized for WordPress). as a result, the lighting is quite good.



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