Bearded Reedlings

This gallery contains 2 photos. Looking somewhat like an imperious and pompous mandarin with long black mustaches and golden silk robes, this male Bearded Reedling is thinking that there is no way I’m getting between him and his piece of cantaloupe (I’m half expecting him to start cussing me with some choice words in the language of fowl, should I dare).

Bearded Reedlingwhy the extra “hair” on his face? apparently, they’re what the ladies want!
f/5.6, 1/250, 100mm macro lens, 100mm, ISO 1600

His lady is no shrinking violet — the females (at least, the females I met) are a lovely golden hue, and do not have to “shave”, either. 😉 The Bearded Reedling (also known by its other aliases of long-tailed tit, bearded parrotbill, and bearded tit) is a unique songbird, in a class all its own — with no close relatives.

Bearded ReedlingI have no difficulty distinguishing this lady from her significant other.
f/5.6, 1/250, 70-300mm lens, 300mm, ISO 800


42 thoughts on “Bearded Reedlings

  1. Oh my, what an absolutely elegant-looking bird! I have never seen or heard of them, so just google’d…. and naturally, they only live across The Pond in the UK, along with two other favorite birds never seen in real life: the Blue Tit and the British kingfisher. sigh

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  2. They are lovely birds and wonderful photos. I know a couple of naughty words in fowl but I couldn’t put them on this comment!!especially not with the bearded reedlings listening closely!! I have never seen one of these birds and I live in the uk. I’m going to look up where they are found in uk right now!! 😀

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