Beating the Odds

It’s not every day that you meet a published author, and have the opportunity to build a special connection with them, but through one of my posts in the Twitterverse, I came to know Bernice L. Rocque, fellow blogger, family historian, public speaker, educator, and noted author of the award-winning novel, Until the Robin Walks on Snow.

9780985682200 Until the Robin Walks on Snow COVER 1000x1600 - Copy

© Bernice L. Rocque 2012 (cover image used with permission)

This is a heartwarming novella inspired by real life events. Until the Robin Walks on Snow chronicles how, through resilience, faith, and perseverance, the author’s uncle–a 1 1/2 lb micropreemie born in 1922 to Lithuanian/Polish immigrants–beat the odds, and today, is a great-great-grandfather himself, several times over.

Taking place almost a century ago, the newborns of that time had no access to today’s medical advances; and, the rural surroundings in which baby Antoni spent his first harsh winter were also devoid of modern conveniences like running water and electricity. All of which make this story all the more incredible.

wreath closeup Xmas banner Z copy 2

© Bernice L. Rocque (photo used with permission)

Until the Robin Walks on Snow is the perfect Christmas read for all ages. Click on the book cover image above to visit Ms. Rocque’s 3Houses website and learn more. Readers who are curious about the title do learn its significance during the story, both in its connection to one of the characters in real life, and to the symbolism in the story’s structure.


© Bernice L. Rocque (photo used with permission)

Visit Ms. Rocque’s 3Houses blog for more interesting articles about her family traditions, which feature tasty recipes and DIY posts, including one on how to make a pinecone wreath without glue or wiring.

Bernice L. Rocque’s 3Houses Zazzle store is also now open! Take a few moments to wander through it — you’ll find an eclectic and growing selection of products, from nature-themed greeting cards, coasters, travel mugs, plates, and journals to giftwrap, games, speakers, and iPhone/iPad cases.


13 thoughts on “Beating the Odds

  1. Thank you so much, Hui, for featuring my book, UNTIL the ROBIN WALKS on SNOW, for sharing the joy of the 93rd birthday of its character, “Baby Antoni” and finally, for celebrating the opening of my Zazzle shop, 3Houses. Just as I was leaning towards creating a Zazzle shop, we met on Twitter. It was as if the Universe knew I would need a guide — and what a wonderful guide you have been. I so admire your patience, clarity of explanation, and sense of humor. Your photography / graphic design expertise and know-how on just about all things Zazzle have sped my learning curve. When you discover something new about how Zazzle works, your energy gets transferred in the telling. I enjoy those magic moments not just for what I learn from you. Your shop, WALKS with NATURE has yet to be discovered by endless people who will love it for its exquisite photo capture of wildlife. So, I think we will travel this road together as new friends and advocates… I look forward to the journey. BLR

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