Semipalmated Plover

I’m closing out 2015 with blogpost #803 and a very special bird. I missed seeing one of these tiny plovers during the summer (mentioned in reply to one of my WordPress followers on my Killdeer post earlier this year), but my subject, finally sighted–albeit in its non-breeding plumage (the bands between and under the eyes, and on the breast are black during breeding season)–is no less beautiful for it!

Semipalmated PloverI’m about 15-20 feet away. this bird is even smaller than the Dunlins and Sanderlings!
f/7.1, 1/1000, 150-500mm telephoto lens, 500mm, ISO 400 

This is a rare bird for this time of the year. Semipalmated Plovers winter on the coasts of the Southern U.S., Central America, and South America. This one was frequenting the shores of Boundary Bay Regional Park during (very) high tide, on December 9, with a flock of Dunlin (12) and Sanderlings (at least 60) on a surprisingly sunny (and warm) day.


17 thoughts on “Semipalmated Plover

  1. My dear friend!
    Please excuse my long silence. The final months of 2015 brought some unexpected challenges and hectic moments. I hope you had a very happy holiday and of course a great start to the New Year. Thank you so much for your friendship, and sharing some of your wonderful photography with us. I look forward to another great year ahead 🙂
    Warm wishes,
    (PS will write a proper reply/email soon!)

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    • Takami,

      Thank you so much for the update. I hope your holidays were also spent in the company of friends and family. Hope all is well with you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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