2 Pine Siskins

This gallery contains 2 photos. Although not irrupting in the numbers that they were early last year, we are getting a regular number of visits from these adorably tiny finches. They may be small, but I recently witnessed four of them bully a Song Sparrow (who has a notorious reputation for being a bully) off one of the hanging feeding stations. Pine Siskins are incredibly comfortable around humans. On three separate occasions, I have had them either perching on my long lens, or flying to land on it. Photographed on December 25, 2015.

Pine Siskin on the Pear TreeOn the pear tree. Normally they don’t perch so close to the house.
f/7.1, 1/320, 500mm, ISO 800, flash on

Unlike other finches–like Evening/Pine Grosbeaks and House Finches, who have thick, conical bills–the Pine Siskins’ bills are sharp and thinner. The yellow on their wings is the one bit of colour on an otherwise streaky but unspectacular plumage. Their favourite seeds are nyjer and thistle, but they are also fans of the round (red) millet. Like bushtits, Pine Siskins do not appear to be “combative eaters” (as hummingbirds and Juncos are wont to be). Photographed on November 27, 2015.

Pine Siskin in the Cherry TreeTaking five on the cherry tree (to the chagrin of its unphotographed companion).
f/10, 1/250, 500mm, ISO 200

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27 thoughts on “2 Pine Siskins

  1. LOVE Pine Siskins! Yours are, as always, beautiful! We keep waiting for our pine trees to mature so we can attract them (the trees are almost 15 years old but have not produced many…any?…pine cones). Too funny that the second one looks like an angry bird… 😀

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  2. Last year we had a large flock of siskins, but none this year that I’ve noted. Funny you posted this, I was just thinking of them this morning while I looked at the thistle feeder, which had a dozen goldfinches around it.

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      • I see them here in the summer, but never in great numbers … onesies and twosies.

        I had one breeding male land in the backyard last summer, but was never able to get a particularly close shot. the next time I saw Goldfinches, they had already shed their bright yellow feathers! 😦

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