American Kestrel

One of two American Kestrels we saw on power lines (the other was a female) whilst we were driving on Colebrook Road in Surrey during BC Family Day (February 8) 2016. Though not a closeup — my subject was about 15-20 feet above my head and 25 feet away — the setting sun lit him just enough to capture his magnificent plumage (another photo I took of him from the back showed blue wings and orange back–confirming his gender).

this diminutive and gorgeous diurnal insectivore is no bigger than a Mourning Dove.
f/8, 1/400, 500mm, ISO 160

My first sighting in the wild of North America’s tiniest falcon, and the first time I have seen the male of the species. It surprised me to learn that insects are the primary staples of their diet, although they will also eat small reptiles and small songbirds.



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