Common Yellowthroat

I’ve found warblers to be difficult birds to photograph — and in particular, yellow-coloured warblers. Their songs are beautiful, but they are elusive. It’s like they know that their bright hues put them in danger of being dinner for predator birds. Photographed on May 15 at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

this Lone Ranger has great vocal chops … and is a great looker, too
f/8, 1/640, 500mm, ISO 640 

So it was a delight to finally photograph that wonderful soloist known as the Common Yellowthroat, a masked bandit who usually keeps to bushes and shrubs in the summer time. I have heard his trademark witchety-witchety-witchety call hundreds of times, and become adept at triangulating his position. Getting a glimpse, however, should be Herculean labour #13.



20 thoughts on “Common Yellowthroat

  1. What a great shot. Yes, elusive is a great word- I spotted them a few times over the last weeks- but none stood still long enough for me. They are a stunning bird with that mask of theirs! Always make me smile 🙂

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    • I know that feeling! I saw the male American Goldfinch singing in the backyard, atop the hanging birdseed feeder just a few minutes ago, but the moment I had the camera all ready to take a photo from the second floor sunroom, he took off! it would have been the perfect moment! (sigh)

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  2. Warblers are tough to photograph, being so small. The time they stand still is a bit less than my autofocus seems to need to lock on. I have many blurry legs and empty branches in my pics!
    Nice one by the way!!

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Your comments are like chocolate for my soul ... I can never get enough of them! Bonus brownie points for witty comments! I love a good turn of phrase. :)

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