Bonaparte’s Gull

This gallery contains 2 photos. Birding Boundary Bay Regional Park on Global Big Day 2016 (May 14) didn’t net me any new species for my life list, but it let me get closer to that distinctively dressed gull species, an adult Bonaparte’s Gull in striking breeding plumage, who had chosen that day to settle into the local beach for eats and rest. As I walked up and down the shoreline, I kept (unintentionally) encountering this solo act. It must have wondered if I was stalking it!

© WHSIM-Bonapartes-Gull1.jpg
it really made my day to see this adult gull from 20 feet away!
f/11, 1/1000, 500mm, ISO 640

With its black head, white eye ring, black bill, and reddish orange legs, the Bonaparte’s gull is one of the easiest North American gulls to identify, even from a great distance. It’s difficult to mistake this small gull for any other North American species. In the winter, the black on the head disappears to a dot behind the eye, but the black bill and red legs remain. Learn more about this gull here.

© WHSIM-Bonapartes-Gull2.jpg
a slightly more distant shot, but still a magic moment!
f/11, 1/640, 500mm, ISO 640 


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