Blue Jay!

This gallery contains 3 photos. On Christmas Eve 2017, I had the fortune of encountering a Blue Jay in Richmond. A common sight in just about every province east of British Columbia (and a particularly iconic bird  Continue reading


Steller’s Jay(s)

This gallery contains 3 photos. Those rich azure feathers make it one of the most recognizable and attractive birds in Metro Vancouver, but I’ve never had much luck with that master of mimicry, the Steller’s Jay. The official  Continue reading

Short-Eared Owl

This gallery contains 5 photos. Owls command a special kind of magic, even among those who aren’t nature lovers. There is something simultaneously awe-inspiring, and terrifying about these feathered hunters. Maybe it’s Continue reading

Wilson’s Warblers

This gallery contains 4 photos. One of the smallest migratory birds to visit the Pacific Northwest during the breeding season is the Wilson’s Warbler. These highly active songbirds–another one of Mother Nature’s natural Continue reading