Pink Phlox

Looking remarkably like a hydrangea is the phlox, another hummingbird favourite and a popular perennial. Photographed at Piper Spit in Burnaby Lake, BC, on August 30, 2014. We succumbed and bought a pot of it 6 weeks later (even in late October, we can still find these in bloom at one of the local nurseries).


A Tale of Two Trumpet Vines

This gallery contains 2 photos. A late bloomer, this scarlet trumpet vine started flowering late … during the second week of September. Photographed in my backyard in the early evening of September 8. With their irresisitibly sweet nectar, trumpet vines compete for the attentions of hummingbirds, wasps, bees, and ants.


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Holy Giant Hibiscus, Batman!

This gallery contains 4 photos. Bigger than a dinner plate is this giant pink hibiscus. Things that are small inspire a solemn wonder at the amazing versatility of nature to create such intricacy and complexity in a microcosm.


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Hey, You’re Sittin’ in Your Own Do(o)!

Ducks just aren’t too particular about where they plunk their posteriors down (I’ll remember that fact the next time I need to buy a down jacket or a down-filled comforter). But I suppose when you go fishing in your own toilet, some disregard for personal hygiene is to be expected.

Mallard Hen gives me the 200-degree stare.

Mallard Hen gives me the 200-degree stare.

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Daily Prompt: Close Call

Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park (Photo credit: City of Burnaby)

Four years ago, after arranging (and successfully executing) what was a very personally stressful annual client appreciation event, I decided to simultaneously blow off steam and reward myself by daytripping to Burnaby to canoe at Burnaby Lake with a friend. The weather couldn’t be better; August 31st, 2009 was a picture-perfect day. We had even seen a hawk dive bomb (and catch) its watery prey. It’s that dramatic once-in-a-lifetime moment that you Continue reading