Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

English: Thinking, bright idea.

Thinking, bright idea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When and where do I my best thinking? In the bathroom? Definitely not; being on the throne does not dispose me to be my most creative; and besides, I’d rather be #1 than #2 — sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂 Scratch the bathtub/shower, too; Archimedes, I’m not; and I would never get so carried away with an idea, no matter how earthshaking, that I would involuntarily streak through the streets announcing to one and all the greatest thing since sliced bread or the wheel. Plus, if someone heard me and got the idea patented first, I’d never let myself hear the end of it.

While running? Nah. I would be thinking about the pounding my feet would be taking, the thinness of oxygen in my lungs, and how much time it would take for the stomach cramps to subside. (Funny how I can play a couple hours of tennis or badminton without complaint, but three minutes of jogging will have me gasping like a fish out of water).  Continue reading