Black-Tailed Deer

This gallery contains 4 photos. Seeing wild deer in Metro Vancouver is a rarity, especially as more green is increasingly converted into grey. Our forest of a backyard is more likely to Continue reading

Encounter with Faun(a)

This Black-Tailed Deer was one of two who had crossed one of the trails at the Maplewood Conservation Area in the late morning of May 3, to nibble the grass on the other side (which apparently is greener!) Before she  Continue reading

Wildlife Up Close: White-Tailed Deer

This gallery contains 3 photos. Nothing is cuter than this Bambi-esque look of innocence in your direction. This fawn is one of several white-tailed deer that inhabit the Greater Vancouver Zoo. S/he came to the barn for hay in the blistering early afternoon sun. Photographed on September 14.


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