Creepy to the nth Degree

This gallery contains 5 photos. Nothing evokes creepiness as well as the members of the insect world. Cold, calculating, and chilling are a few more adjectives that have been ascribed to these bug-eyed beasts, who are Continue reading

Anise Swallowtail in the Sun

Mother Nature is my muse. She keeps me coming back, to try and capture that perfect moment of beauty of her creations in all its colours, moods, and viscerality. It isn’t a bird, but it has wings! We encountered Continue reading

Closeup: Blue-Eyed Darner Dragonfly

This gallery contains 3 photos. This beautiful Blue-Eyed Darner dragonfly was discovered on our roof. She had died recently (her colours had not yet faded). Pigmentation loss (the yellows/greens on her segments had dimmed to brown) occurred the following day. Photographed on September 20, 2014.


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Closeup of a Diminutive Destroyer

Photographed in the backyard in the afternoon heat on August 10 is this diminutive destroyer of cabbage, kale, onion, beet, and other human comestibles. Small White cabbage moths seem to be perpetually on the wing, but this one chose to get a bit of sun and Vitamin D on the bell pepper plant.


An Assassin’s Creed Fan?

An assassin fly, perching on the towrope on the top floor. Had I known just how nasty a creature this was (its sharp and pointy rear end looks like it could inflict quite a painful sting on human flesh), I probably wouldn’t have gotten within a couple inches of it–even if the lens hood afforded me some protection! This one was having a staredown with an equally interesting looking spider (no, I don’t know who won the standoff, and it went on for quite a while). Photographed on August 10.


Dragonfly on Denim

I recently vocalized a desire to get closer to a dragonfly, but this is ridiculous. (Three days later) … the metallic buzz heralded a male Brown Hawker dragonfly making a beeline for me, and he roosted on my jeans for half a minute! Body heat? A fascination with denim? Whatever his reason, I was flattered. Photographed on July 20.