Mandarin Duck: From Molt to Magnificent

This gallery contains 5 photos. Over the course of several months this year, I had the privilege of witnessing one of Nature’s most stunning creatures undergo a stunning transformation from egad-what-on-earth-is-that to drop-dead-gorgeous. 

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A Curious Bufflehead Drake

This gallery contains 2 photos. This is the famed Bufflehead drake sentry that calls Burnaby Lake home, and he takes his patrol duty very seriously — giving me a quick onceover as he swings by the floating dock. Buffleheads are Continue reading

Holy Giant Hibiscus, Batman!

This gallery contains 4 photos. Bigger than a dinner plate is this giant pink hibiscus. Things that are small inspire a solemn wonder at the amazing versatility of nature to create such intricacy and complexity in a microcosm.


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