I Remember When …

Newspaper vendor, Paddington, London, February...

Newspaper vendor, Paddington, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my walk down memory lane. What a nostalgic time! I remember when newspapers cost 25 cents (a mere pittance by today’s standards — but, with the internet, ebook readers, and iPhones/iPads, who buys newspapers these days?), and my dad would often give me a dollar to walk up to the convenience store on the corner — a leisurely five-minute walk — to buy a copy (the Friday edition was an extra-special bonus, with its 5-8 page insert of full colour comics). I would then use the remaining 75 cents to splurge on candy … specifically, chewing gum with gushy fruit centers (these are not the Fruit Gushers of Continue reading

A Bunch of Bromeliads

Colourful, aren’t they? Given the sheer volume and variety of houseplants (and garden plants–including the Buttered Popcorn Cassia) that we had when I was growing up, I have (surprisingly) never owned any bromeliads before, and this colourful threesome was just too irresistible not to capture. With their ability to capture and store water, this might be one plant that I wouldn’t have to worry about too much as far as watering goes.

Colourful Bromeliads