I am grateful to be recognized by various online photographic communities for my humble efforts to not just learn about the natural world, but, through my photographs, help educate others about its importance in our lives, too. Here are a few places where some of my work has been featured.

Bold Little Beggar: Golden-Crowned Sparrow ( Jan 15-22, 2015, Bird of the Week)
Motorin’ Hooded Merganser (Travelers Universe Magazine, Issue 2, 2015: Postcard from Canada)
Female House Sparrow (Explored on Flickr, Dec 2014)
Bald Eagle in Flight (Explored on Flickr, Feb 2015)
A Tree Swallow Stares (H. Wagner’s Birds GALLERY on Google+, Mar 2015)
Closeup of St. John’s Wort (NatGeo’s Your Shot Daily Dozen, Jun 26, 2015)
Profile of an American Bullfrog (NatGeo’s Your Shot – Editors’ Favorites 2015)
Green-Winged Teal (America’s Favorite Birds Coloring Book, CLPG, Fall 2016)
Short-Eared Owl (Birds of a Feather PhotographyModerator’s Choice, Jan 2016)
• Domestic Mallard ( Muscovy Ducks profile – Similar Species)
Rufous Hummingbird (Birds of a Feather PhotographyModerator’s Choice, Mar 2016)
Snow Geese Sunset Flight (Birds of a Feather Photography, Moderator’s Choice, Mar 2016)
• A Pair of Stationery Barn Swallows (Siena Farms Spring News, Week 8, May 2016)
Anna’s Hummingbird on What’s the Best Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar? (Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds, Apr 1, 2009)
• A Quintet of Bushtits in Plum Tree ( Wrentit profile – Similar Species)
Great Horned Owl on Douglas Fir (Birds of a Feather Photography, Mod’s Choice, Nov 2016)
• Spotted Towhee (Backyard Birds & Blossoms Coloring Book, CLPB, Apr 2017)
• A Quintet of Bushtits (Cornell Bird-A-Day Daily Calendar 2018 – Oct 10), CLPB
• A Quintet of Bushtits (WBU Wild Birds Unlimited Calendar 2018 – Apr)
• Hermit Thrush on the Pyracantha (WBU Wild Birds Unlimited Calendar 2018 – Oct)
• Dark-Eyed Junco (Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2018 Supporters’ Calendar – Nov)
Pileated Woodpecker on Arbutus (Birds of a Feather Photography, Mod’s Choice, Jul 2017)
• Hermit Thrush on Pyracantha (Nature Canada Calendar 2018 – Winner – November)
Thirsty Chickadee Sparks Interest in Birding (Cornell Feederwatch Blog, 2017-2018)
Black Oystercatcher with Clam (1st Place Winner, Behavior Category, 2017 Cornell Great Backyard Bird Count Photo Contest)
• Hermit Thrush on the Pyracantha (Canadian Geographic 2020 Photo Club Calendar series)
• Hermit Thrush on the Pyracantha (Canadian Geographic 2021 365-page-a-day Calendar)

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