Bloggers Make Google Maps Light up Like a Christmas Tree (All Year Long)!

I just discovered this about an hour ago by mistake, while attempting to see my blog site stats on another computer — it is a fun page for stats junkies like myself to visit. Here’s a partial screenshot I took about a minute ago.

WP Stats Worldwide Activity

In the last 30-45 minutes, almost 5000 new WordPress blogs were created. Mindbloggingly cool, isn’t it? 🙂  Continue reading

Waffle Wednesday: A Whimsical Poem

233/365: 08/21/2013. Waffles!!

Waffles! by peddhapati, CC-BY-2.0

As I have been feeling more than a bit under the weather
With this cold that doesn’t seem to be quickly getting better,
I decided to indulge my constantly hungry tum-tum
This evening with waffles this Wednesday — yum, yum.

I still have more than enough strength to muster
On these blueberry-encrusted circles, a token pat of butter,
But not enough whimsy to render them artistically
And barista-style, with faces quirky, smirky, or smiley.

Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law by CĂ©sar Santiago Molina, CC-BY-2.0

Today’s daily prompt asks us to recall a time when everything actually turned out exactly as I’d hoped. Well, that has never happened to me before, unless you’re asking me to include events that transpired in the dream state (the only realm where I know I can, and have, won the national lottery, and confirmed that my ability for physical flight can and has saved me from mortal peril more than once).

In reality, though, you might as well ask me to recant my belief in Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), disavow the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty (one can Continue reading

African Superb Starling

African Superb Starling

African Superb Starling

When a superlative is part of your name, you’ve got to be good. With their iridescent and metallic green plumage, European (common) starlings are pretty birds, even though they have earned an unenviable reputation in North America as pests and (wreckers of local ecosystems).

On the other hand, the African Superb Starling takes shiny to a whole another level, with blue, cyan, white, black, red, and even a hint of green — it is walking fashion statement! This robin-sized bird was surprisingly quiet (despite its well-documented propensity to be noisy).

With such beautiful colours, there is no way I would ever consider this a pest!