Apple iPhone Version What-Point-What?

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

What happened to Old Spice deodorant? (Image via CrunchBase)

Lilmisspoutine shrugs her shoulders upon hearing that bit of news: yes, that’s right: the next iteration of iPhone will soon be upon us.

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone took the world by storm less than a decade ago. Since then, the fruit-named company has become a huge newsmaker in its own right, and acquired a googleplex of fans and followers who are invisibly tethered, umbilical-cord like, to a half-inch thick rectangle with rounded corners and a shiny display that is almost perpetually on and never more than 10 inches from its owner’s fingers (distances in excess of this Continue reading

My Review of Disney’s The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King grabbed the lion’s share of box office winnings when it was released in 1994. Upon its theatrical re-release in 3D seven years later, the 32nd offering from the Disney classics animated vault became the highest-grossing hand-drawn animation film in history, with worldwide revenues totalling USD $987 million.1

The main characters in the first film. From le...

The Lion King main cast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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