A Trio of Budgies!

It’s hard to follow such a colourful act as the Gouldian finches, but this all-male trio of budgies (all differently coloured) gets extra brownie points for lining up domino-style on the branch, and posing for me. I didn’t even need to ‘budge’ from my position in front of the feeders and tree branches. The whistling paid off with these Three Sopranos!

Three Budgies

We thought that the budgies (who nested high, high up the tallest palm trees near the top of the dome of the Bloedel Conservatory), and kept company with the Eastern Rosella, would never come down. After the third time around the Conservatory, they descended en masse in noisy force. I owned both blue and green/yellow budgies (on separation occasions) when I was young, and this certainly brings back childhood memories of both of them, who would play with my dog a bit too adventurously!

My Review of The Incredibles

Cover of The Incredibles [UMD for PSP]

Cover of The Incredibles [UMD for PSP]

There are few animated movies so good that a sequel is simply superfluous. The Incredibles is one such film (Monsters Inc unfortunately fell to the curse of sequelitis (or, more correctly, prequelitis) last year with the Boo-less Monsters University, much to my disappointment)–at least, at the time of the writing of this blog post, it still is. From what I’ve read, Brad Bird, creator of The Incredibles, is contemplating a sequel should he be able to come up with a good enough storyline.

Does that make me an anti-sequel opponent? Well, not per se, but it is hard to make a sequel top its predecessor (unless your name happens to be James Cameron, who, by the way, has already set the bar pretty high for himself with Titanic and Avatar). A sequel may do well financially, but the story is often bigger, Continue reading