Barred Parakeets

This gallery contains 2 images. The Lineolated/Barred Parakeets, or linnies, are adorable little parrots. I almost felt like I was intruding on some of them in these photos. Like these two lovebirds–I mean, Dark Green Barred Parakeets (apologies to the actual lovebirds, who were present as well) at the seed trough: Leaf (left – a girl) and Turk (right – a boy). This was their seed trough, and I felt a bit like a voyeur, with my camera literally poking into their cute little faces and without the need for optical or digital zoom. But being accustomed to the presence of humans, I think that they could really give two hoots about what was shoved in their faces.

Two Green Barred Parakeets Feed

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