Barred Parakeets

This gallery contains 2 images. The Lineolated/Barred Parakeets, or linnies, are adorable little parrots. I almost felt like I was intruding on some of them in these photos. Like these two lovebirds–I mean, Dark Green Barred Parakeets (apologies to the actual lovebirds, who were present as well) at the seed trough: Leaf (left – a girl) and Turk (right – a boy). This was their seed trough, and I felt a bit like a voyeur, with my camera literally poking into their cute little faces and without the need for optical or digital zoom. But being accustomed to the presence of humans, I think that they could really give two hoots about what was shoved in their faces.

Two Green Barred Parakeets Feed

This curious Turquoise Barred Parakeet named Kali (another colour mutation) was calmly watching the photographer (and completely ignoring the seed troughs) as I snapped her in the tree branch just above our heads (ironically, while we were trying, in vain, to get clear photos of the strikingly coloured and highly elusive Guinea Turaco). Apparently Barred Parakeets make popular pets because of their endearing and relatively quiet natures. They can be taught to speak quite well, too.

Curious Cobalt Blue Barred Parakeet

12 thoughts on “Barred Parakeets

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  2. Wonderful photos of my little babies! The two little green ones are leaf and turk. leaf on the left, has the yellow markings around her eyes. She was wild when I got her, and completely terrified of people. Turk, the little male was traumatized at a young age, and became very frightened, and aggressive. The bloedel was the perfect home for them, they were so scared of people, and hated being confined in a cage. The blue is a turquoise female named Kali, she was my first one, and heavily bonded with her aging mate kilo. Kilo is grey, and was older when I got him, so maybe he has passed away now. Again, they heavily bonded, and were not doing well in a cage environment. glad to see them so happy, thanks for sharing!


    • oh my goodness, what a wonderful story. they’re often perched above the trees to the left of the feeding station, very quietly observing us for some time well before we know that they’re there (as Kali is apt to do), or having a meal. 🙂 Leaf and Turk did not mind at all me taking their photo at such close range.

      thank you for sharing their history and their names, Camille! good to see that your sweet and gentle babies are taking to the Bloedel so well–there are now some 230 free flying birds of various species living there now! 🙂

      cheers! LMP


      • LMP I still have three, and I love them. I have a creamino female named Starling (blind), and her sister, same parents, different clutch Olive female named Luna. Also a very human imprinted green male named Felix. Forgot to mention, Leaf and Turk, their colouring is called Dark green, basically, its green +1 dark factor, and olive is green +2 dark factors.. Kali is turquoise female, cobalt would be +1 dark factor, slate/mauve is +2 dark factors. They really are neat little birds, make excellent pets, and are not very loud at all. As you probably know from seeing them, they see you long before you see them 😉


      • you really know your linnies, Camille! if I wanted a pet, I would probably get a Linnie … but the backyard birds keep me plenty busy. 🙂

        I think this beauty must be one of your babies as well, which I photographed more recently with a better camera. is it Leaf or Turk? 🙂

        Linnie and the Big Apple


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