Scurry, Ye Furry Bushy-tailed Beastie!

This gallery contains 6 photos. Eastern Grey squirrels* really aren’t seen in our neighbourhood — but they are common sights in Richmond’s Minoru Park. Although there’s a “do not feed the birds” sign posted in the park (to quote the sign: ‘as the food is a food source for rats’), there isn’t one for squirrels (who are also rodents, albeit with long bushy tails) — we’ve seen peanuts left for these critters scattered throughout. So they’re quite a bold lot around humans.

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Food Glorious Food: Alder Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon with onions, capers, cream cheese, and toasted baguette; we had this Cliff House Restaurant Happy Hour appetizer a few summers ago when we visited Bellingham, Washington, during the final Stanley Cup game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. A superb al fresco dining experience, complemented by spectacular views of Bellingham Bay!

Alder-Smoked Salmon

Let’s Play “Where’s Waldo?”

This gallery contains 2 photos. With a sufficiently bright ambient background, even a (moderately) digitally-zoomed photo doesn’t suffer from noise, and ISO / Flash / Exposure don’t need adjustment. Shot in Shutter Priority mode. The Golden-Crowned Sparrow roosting in the laurel hedge thinks that I can’t see him.

Golden-Crowned Sparrow hiding in laurel hedge

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