In a Brown Study

This gallery contains 2 photos. Lest I be pigeonholed 🙂 … three days after discovering a white peace (white morph/leucistic) dove at Burnaby Lake/Piper Spit, I found this brown morph rock pigeon (which appears tinted as pink) at the main graveled path of Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Today I learned that there are 28 colour morphs of Rock Dove/Pigeon. Unlike the white morph Rock Dove at Burnaby Lake, however, this subject was perpetually on the move for food. He did do the “puffy-fluff-up-the-neck-feathers-dance” a little bit later, and confirmed his gender for us. Photographed on March 24.

A Brown Morph Pigeon

Yet another brown morph Rock Dove (who looks rather pink), whom we discovered at the base of the observation tower. It was also a he — he was doing the “puffy feathers dance” a little later with one (rather disinterested) member of his small flock of six. This is the only shot of several where I managed to avoid getting harsh shadows below the bird. Fittingly, he was on a rock, and thus lived up to his name. Photographed on April 20.

A Brown Morph Pigeon


27 thoughts on “In a Brown Study

    • thank you, Julie! it fascinates me to see these “designer” birds … although the colour variations were the result of pigeon fanciers breeding their domesticated rock pigeons for these colours, it’s interesting to note that the colour mutations (still) exist in wild rock pigeons! maybe the birds themselves like different colours! 🙂

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