Clyde and the Big AppleI wear many hats: a (largely) self-taught graphic/web designer, digital image manipulator, layout artist, desktop publisher, editor, storyteller, copywriter, and part-time but avid birder. My latest obsession, DSLR photography–which I live, breathe, and sleep–combines my passion and respect for wildlife and the natural world with a need to tell the stories behind my images as compellingly and creatively as possible–with both the visual and written mediums.

Wildlife photography has its challenges, but those challenges notwithstanding, it is truly humbling and awe-inspiring to be in the presence of creatures with whom we do not speak a common tongue or share a common shape, but will let me experience a part of their lives and connect with them–if only for a few hundred or thousand heartbeats–at a closeness than I could never dare to believe or hope for. You cannot put a price on the magic of those moments.

Vignetted Profile of a Peregrine FalconI believe that every image has a significance and story to tell, as long as I am patient enough to discover what they are. These photos represent a new journey, passion, and chapter in my life.

One of the most beautiful compliments I continue to receive about my photographs is how they evoke childhood memories for my viewers. The power of an image to touch our lives–in a positive or bittersweet way–more than the spoken or written word, can never be underscored or taken for granted.

I am of the belief that the camera does not make a great photographer; it is a tool, albeit a very powerful one, to help make a picture worth its proverbial thousand words. It has been something of a “family tradition” to shoot with Nikon lenses and cameras, and by shooting with Canon plus a combination of Canon and Sigma lenses, I suppose I am being a bit of a rebel (an in-joke for those of you who are acquainted with Canon branding). 😉

Closeup of a St. John's WortI also dabble in macro photography, which in many respects, may be even more challenging than wildlife photography because of the narrow depth of field involved in photographing subjects. A sneeze or a slight breeze is enough to send an image that’s been composed to your desire into the dreaded blurs.

My only formal education in photography was in Grade 10 with black-and-white 35mm film cameras and the unforgettably odoriferous development baths in the darkroom where one painstakingly transformed precious negatives into positives. In the past year and a half, I have become extremely acquainted with terms like ISO, aperture, focal length, flashgun, RAW, diffuser, and post processing in a “two steps forwards, three steps back” manner of learning.

Battle of the CrestsThank you for visiting my recently redesigned photoblog, whsimphotos.wordpress.com. This “reboot and rebrand” was the inevitable direction that my previous WordPress blog (lilmisspoutinessegues.wordpress.com), was heading in, and that blog has now been archived.

Through these new posts, I hope to share with you the progress I’ve made in photography, the backstories behind the images, as well as tips for better photography. As always, thank you for your support, comments, and likes. Enjoy!

Cheers and Happy Shooting! W. Hui Sim (aka lilmisspoutine / walkswithnature)


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  1. Your photos are a very beautiful reminder that God is the greatest artist with an ever changing gallery of fine art as far as the eyes can see. It also makes me miss going out on the road and taking my own photos of the beauty to be found. Thank you so much for sharing your work!

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