Squirrels are Bird Feeder Raiders!

After finally being rewarded for our bird feeding efforts with both chickadees and an Anna’s hummingbird sipping from the hummingbird feeder today, seven or eight juncos playing tattoos on the fence and leaf-strewn floor, and even a few beaks pecking at the newly installed suet-filled bird feeder, we spotted this fella sneaking about the backyard. He froze/kept this pose for a good ten seconds. Maybe he believed that if he didn’t move, we wouldn’t see him. Oh really, did he think we were dinosaurs?


Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do I consider myself funny?
Laughter is the best medicine, and yes, I consider myself funny. As do quite a few people, including a few WordPress bloggers who follow my blog (and care to admit it 🙂 ). But not in a slapstick, belly-aching Tim Conway kind of way. My nonconfrontational humour is best served on wry. However, I do believe in and subscribe to the phrase “The tears of a clown” — you really can’t be funny, or understand the depth of humour, unless you know what sorrow is.  Continue reading