Honeybee Does Broccoli

This gallery contains 4 photos. It’s a rather suggestive title, but here’s proof that bees do eat heathily! This is the kind of pose that I would best describe as, “Hmmm … which flower should I go to first?” (and scratch head with a foot)

HoneyBee Loves Broccoli - Hmm

It’s homing in on its choice … having a sniff to see which one is particularly fragrant. They may be busy, but they do know how to stop and smell the roses! Should I go for this one?

HoneyBee Loves Broccoli - Homing In

Or this one? Decisions, decisions.

HoneyBee Loves Broccoli - Still Deciding

I photographed this honeybee feeding from the flowering broccoli in our backyard in early May. And it knows that it’s been photographed, too. Note how its gaze moves to follow my lens. Pretty eerie, eh?

HoneyBee Loves Broccoli - Who, Me


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