Your Royal Spikiness

This Easter Lily Cactus has never flowered–I’m told, in the 40 something years it’s been alive–until today. But one day, there was a six-inch, finger-like protrusion which quickly became a bud and then next day (August 28 to be exact), poof!

Flowering Easter Lily Cactus 3

Instant full fledged flower. One of the syrphid flies that I accidentally shooed off of it (oops!) would agree that it’s quite irresistible. Given the ultra-long tunnel to the nectar, it’s not a flower for hummingbirds. But even if you were a chosen pollinator, there’s not exactly another flower to transfer the pollen to, is there?

Flowering Easter Lily Cactus 2

From this angle, the flower resembles one of those supertrees in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The sad thing is this flower (allegedly) only lasts for a day. Beauty is indeed fleeting!  However, it’s the end of day 2 as I typed this on August 29, and the pink wonder is still thriving and defying the odds!

Flowering Easter Lily Cactus 1


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