Getting Chummy with Chester

Chester is the latest permanent resident at the Vancouver Aquarium. He’s a young False Killer Whale who was spotted alone, motherless, podless, injured, and stranded on North Chesterton Beach, British Columbia, a year ago. He was estimated to be between four and six weeks old at that time, and even lacked teeth. When he’s full grown, Chester might measure as much as 20 feet in length and weigh up to 4900 lbs–significantly bigger than a bottlenose dolphin.

Closeup with Chester the False Killer Whale

my, what big baby teeth you have! a few inches of glass is all that separates us.
f/4, 1/400, 24-105 mm lens, ISO 5000, no flash

He has a fascination with the humans in the lower viewing area of his living quarters–so much so that he doesn’t just swim by and give viewers the eye, but actually stops for a minute to mug with the eager hands waving at him. That is how I was able to get this closeup of him–he was making the rounds to see his adoring fans. Photographed on July 14. See more examples of this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Closeup.



39 thoughts on “Getting Chummy with Chester

    • Teresa,

      Many things have changed in the past 10 years, and definitely since I was a kid visiting the aquarium for the first time. Definitely it was highly unusual to see a Vanaqua cetacean wander right up to the viewing windows and mug with people for the camera. 🙂


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      • wow, that is a long time ago! 🙂

        sadly, there are no more polar bears (or wildlife in the external exhibits on the grounds of Stanley Park any more; all the wildlife has been moved into the aquarium).

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      • yes, I understand that. I would very much prefer to see animals in their native habitats, too. the penguins are still around, as are the otters, sealions, and a few cetaceans (beluga, dolphins).

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my website, A Photo’s Worth.
    Love the minimalist look for this image. Lovely shape, and good composition.

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  2. It’s been a long time since I visited the aquarium located about a half hour’s drive from here; you’ve inspired me to do so again — this time, with my camera (but after school vacation is over, as I don’t want to be constantly jostled by hordes of kiddies!)

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    • that’s a very good idea. we last went on a Tuesday this month, and the place was an absolute ZOO … Stanley Park itself as well as the aquarium. we ate at the Fish House, and they were so busy at lunch that they actually had to turn people away!!


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