Daily Prompt: Nothing But a Good Time

Liz Lemon Happy

Liz Lemon Happy (Photo credits: Giphy)

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

Being a workaholic makes it difficult for me to enjoy my off days. Duties and obligations are still in the back of my mind. I used to mentally take my work home with me. There’s even a bit of Catholic guilt about having a good time. Can you tell that I’m not a hedonist at heart? Once, I worked five consecutive years without taking a single vacation (thank goodness for weekends (especially the long weekends) and statutory holidays). How those bouts of masochism, not to mention the massive vacation balance, eluded the HR department, is a bit mystifying to all of us.

Then, my boss got wind of it, and I was forced to take my vacation … all at once. Prompting “you can’t be serious” remarks from me. How on earth could I possibly do all my regular responsibilities in advance and take four weeks’ worth of vacation in a mere two and a half months?

In the end, an enforced vacation was good medicine for me (as was the crash course in future time management), though I would have preferred it in much smaller doses. Having to come back to a few thousand emails after just five days out of the office is hardly a warm welcome back.

For my fun day, the first thing I’d do is wake up at the crack of dawn (6:00am or 7:00 am), and feed the feathered backyard visitors (these birds are early risers). Then I’d crawl back under the covers to catch a few more winks, with the strains of a Bond operatic pop album playing in the background, until 11:00 am. Upon my return to the land of the alert and the awake, brunch would involve poutine with a kale smoothie.

Next would be a couple of hours of tennis, boxing, and baseball on the Wii. Followed by a quick re-reading of the favourite chapters in my favourite books; cardio in the form of a vigorous 2-3 km walk through the neighbourhood, and 10 minutes on the mini trampoline; and then 45 minutes of anaerobic exercise on the home gym.

Dinner would be whatever I can rustle up in the fridge — if I’m lucky, it’s tartar-sauced chicken fingers, moussaka, and Greek salad, followed by two scoops of Heavenly Hash ice cream. The best way to end the day would be by falling asleep to the sounds of a crackling fireplace downstairs while re-watching a favourite DVD.

Because even on my day off, I have to fill it up with many things to do.


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