A Hahn Red-Shouldered Mini-Macaw!

In the same way that Barred Parakeets are cute little parrots, the Hahn Red-Shouldered Mini-Macaw is the miniaturized darling of the very colourful macaw family, which includes “cousins” like the Hyacinth Macaw (the largest, and most purple member), the popular Scarlet Macaws (often mistaken for the Green-Winged Macaws, and vice versa), and the Blue and Gold Macaws.

Hahn's Macaw

This little fella is named Nelson, and he was displaying his mastery of the Tree Pose, walking up and down this tree branch, and watching the camera intently. Hahn’s Macaws have a sweet disposition to match their small size. If I were to ever keep birds as pets again, it would be a tough call between the Barred Parakeets and the Hahn’s Macaws.


2 thoughts on “A Hahn Red-Shouldered Mini-Macaw!

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